How to choose a Cocktail Dress

Synonymous of charm and elegance, the cocktail dress is the inevitable protagonist of the man wardrobe, a real passe-partout to wear on special occasions and events.

If you are looking at some inspiration regarding the cocktail attire we hope this article will help you somehow.

The old dates of the Cocktail dress fashion back to the 1940s when the movie stars wore this kind of outfit during the afternoon events, hence its particular name. Today fashion has re-launched and adapted it to our times so that this outfit has ended up occupying a fundamental place in the man wardrobe.

For each man, the choice of the most appropriate dress to wear depends mainly on the event in which one is participating. Yes, because fashion in the face of the wide range of choices, requires very precise rules to avoid feeling out of place on important occasions.

The cocktail dress it is a simple dress, to be worn during semi-formal wear events, it is a less elaborate garment than the classic evening dress, suitable instead for formal occasions, such as a theatre premiere or an evening wedding.

The cocktail dress can have different types of cut and length, and it is precisely this last that characterizes it most. The length can vary from above the knee to just above the ankles, in this case, we speak of “ tea dress style.

It is generally perfect for participating in all the semi-formal events that take place until late afternoon. So, go ahead for the cocktail dress if the event you need to attend is a work aperitif or a morning wedding. 

Moreover, with the Christmas holidays approaching, this outfit is perfect to wear if you have to attend a Christmas party with friends where you want to feel sophisticated and absolutely glamorous, or at a slightly more elegant and formal Christmas lunch than the classic family lunch. 

These dresses represent the must-have for all men who want to feel perfect, flawless and elegant but, at the same time, not overly formal.

Even colour plays a fundamental role in choosing the perfect dress. Obviously black is the elegant colour par excellence, just think of the sophisticated little black dress that, despite its simplicity, expresses a timeless charm and elegance.

Today fashion offers colourful cocktail dresses, with brighter shades ranging from pink to cyclamen, up to yellow, orange, red, teal and blue. 

There are many solutions to choose from, but they must be carefully selected based on the season and, above all, on your style requirements. 

So, if the event you need to attend is a wedding, your cocktail dress can never be black, even white (you never steal the wedding scene!) And red (according to some folk tradition typically associated with the role of the lover) is banned, so in this case try to opt for pastel colours, chic and delicate, or dare with floral patterns, which are so reminiscent of the beloved 50s style.

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