Fashion trends March 2020: all the news of the week

The launches of the month continue, spring is upon us and so are the news of the fashion system. From the electric and designer machine, to the collection of bijoux inspired by Cinderella, from the inclusive bag to the sustainable suitcases. all the news

Let’s find out together what are the latest news from the world of fashion:
The brand of suitcases that turns 110, the super-branded electric car, the bijoux dedicated to Cinderella.

The New 500 is born, the first FCA car born full electric. A city car that has up to 320 km of autonomy and a standard 85kW fast charger. In addition to the standard version, there will be those signed by brands that are the symbol of Made in Italy. From the B.500 “Never too much” of Bulgari, to the One-off of Giorgio Armani to that of Kartell

The Marcella Bag by Gianni Chiarini is a symbol bag for the brand. Thanks to it, in fact, the brand launched the “Club Marcella Bag on Tour”, an itinerant route that starts from Paris to arrive throughout Italy in a staged route that has inclusiveness as its purpose.
Ad hoc activities open to all generations will be organized, without limits of style, ethnicity and gender where the watchword is inclusiveness.

Born in 1910, the Samsonite suitcase brand turns 110. An important milestone for a brand that has done a lot for the world of travel. Just think that the introduction of the wheels in a suitcase is due to Samsonite. A revolution that will involve travelers from all over the world.

In 208 Samsonite launched the eco collection, 23 product lines in recycled polypropylene and RecyclexTM, a fabric made 100% with post consumer recycled PET plastic bottles. Today the brand continues this path, looking for increasingly sustainable and long-lasting products.

For his new sunglasses collection Rodenstock was inspired by the 60s divas who wore the glasses of the German brand. Senta Berger, Marianne Koch, Sofia Loren and Elke Sommer, are the muses to which Rodenstock dedicates the latest collection.

Thin, oversized and ultra light frames, Rodenstock sunglasses are ideal on the first sunny days.

At this moment more than ever, Italian fashion – an important voice of our economy – must be enhanced, told and supported, especially through its small businesses and its craftsmanship.

This week’s new products are dedicated to Italian brands and we will tell you about them here, starting with Homi Fashion & Jewels which continues its #IAMTHEMAKER project, to give voice to Made in Italy craftsmanship in the world, passing through other brands in the Bel Paese. presenting their collections and upcoming collabs.

Faces and stories, between past and future, the protagonists of Homi Fashion & Jewels tell each other (in the video above) and reveal the secrets of their passion, how it all began, where it will take them.

You become craftsmen for fun or for family: it is a gift that is cultivated generation after generation or a creative twist, absolutely random and unexpected. The challenge is to know how to enhance the immense Italian artisan culture, appreciated all over the world and therefore an important resource especially on foreign markets.

The future is in continuity, because being craftsmen means passing on an ancient knowledge that is renewed, faithful to its origins but always contemporary. The only quality that can make the difference is passion, as the history of Russo Cammei who has been making cameos since 1896 teaches, a typically Italian and Neapolitan tradition.

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