Photographic Art in the living room

Shining, milky, tending to beige or cream, hot or cold, white on the walls is always a certainty and a winning choice. It is the color that best responds to the age-old question of “how to paint the walls of the living area” (and more). The absence of color is the perfect choice for composing and preparing any type of furniture: modern, shabby or contemporary. In addition, a large white surface is ideal for canvases, more or less important paintings and photographs.

White is therefore perfect for enhancing a piece and making it truly protagonist within an environment. Let’s try to discover eight non-trivial ideas to best enliven a white surface in the living room with art.

A large multicolored painting to liven up the dining area

A tall and imposing canvas that reflects the colors of the environment or, alternatively, in open contrast. Placed at a clearly visible height, the painting will give strength to the furnishing elements and will be the perfect visual backdrop for the dining room as well as for those who live there.

An ironic and fun element to interrupt the classicism of the furnishings

The idea of ​​focusing on irony to enliven a white wall with a slightly dated piece of furniture underneath is perfect.
A cartoon character, a canvas or an irreverent photo will introduce a new element, drawing a renewed balance between things: the whole environment will enjoy it.

A painting with soft and clear colors to follow a style and a nuance

Monochromatic, neutral or tone-on-tone, the painting does not necessarily have to be a contrasting and dissonant element of break from the rest. The canvas can also be chosen in perfect chromatic line with the furnishings. As in this case, in which the work is a soft, calibrated and almost invisible sign, positioned against the white background. Its presence will still be important because it will warm the space without excessive eccentricity.

Art for home

Here are some steps you should follow to select the right art form for your home:

  1. Select your budget.
  2. Find the nature and needs of the various rooms.
  3. Select the art form that increases the comfort and beauty of the room.
  4. Look for different forms of that art on the Internet.
  5. See customer reviews before purchasing the product.
  6. Compare your ideas with friends and family.

The art theme you are selecting for your home will, for sure, last for quite a long time. This is why the art form you are selecting should be able to maintain its appearance and quality for a long time. Choose well without being in a hurry !!

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