Brace Yourself By Using Suspenders

Suspenders are the recommended partners whenever you wear a tuxedo. Suspenders are one of the best accessories that a well-dressed man should have.

You should follow the old school of thought wherein suspenders are just like underwears which are not meant to be seen so they should be covered using a cummerbund, jacket, sweater, or vest since they are also considered underwears.

The new school of thought considers suspenders as accessories meant to make a fashion statement on your outfit.

Any way you want it to be, it is still a good investment for any man to have as part of their apparel.

You should not wear a suspender and belt at the same time since it is redundant already for the foremost reason that both of them are used for holding your trousers up. Plus, it may look like you have a rectangular image on your body especially since wearing both items can form the three sides of a square on your body.

Even if you want to look fashionable using both pieces, you will just embarrass yourself since it is already a fashion blunder.

Some of the practical reasons why suspenders are good are that it is more comfortable than wearing a belt since you are practically hanging your pants from your shoulders instead of securing them to your waist.

Things can get a little bit nasty when you have loose pants since fabric tends to bunch a little bit when wearing a belt. It also creates an unnatural sight when you have an extra belly that bulges when you wear your belt below your stomach.

This parodied sight of your image can become natural when you use a suspender. Also, when you are wearing a suit on special occasions, it is really remarkable to see pants without belts since formal suits look elegant with a blazer or dinner jacket that hides the suspenders.

You also do not need to worry on what pair of shoes you need to pair with your belt when you use a suspender.

So How To Wear Suspenders?

  • Secure your suspenders at the center of your trousers by clipping or buttoning them before putting on your trousers.
  • X-back suspenders are fastened halfway between the spine and sides while Y-back suspenders are fastened at the center just above the two innermost belt loops.
  • Pull up your trousers to the maximum level and secure them using buttons or zippers so that your stomach will be fully supported.
  • Raise your suspenders over your back and lift the straps over your shoulder making sure that the straps are flat, centered, and comfortable.
  • Make the necessary adjustments since suspenders that are too low will tend to slip off your shoulders.
  • Your suspenders should look even by having two straight vertical lines upon bringing down over your chest and you know they are positioned perfectly if you already feel comfortable wearing them.
  • Finish the style by attaching them to your trousers using the same way you did at the back, either by clasping or buttoning them.
  • You can adjust the buckles on your suspenders so you can have a comfortable fit especially adjustable ones which are usually labeled as a one-size-fits-all or elastic-style which handcrafted suspenders such as leather ones are usually not adjustable.


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