Different Glass Frames For Different Face Shapes

There are basic face shapes and not all glasses can be worn by anyone since wearing one can have a big impact on your face, aside from the visual reasons, the aesthetic reasons are also considered.

So how do you determine the shape of your face? Ask someone you know. If you do not know someone or you are too shy to ask, you can trace your face shape after taking a photo of yourself, of course, directly facing or looking at the camera. Alas, you do not have a camera or it is broken, then you can look in the mirror and trace it using something that you can wipe off afterward or you will be left worrying on how to remove the outline on your mirror.

They say that the best faces are those with oblong or oval shapes because of the balance features. Any type of glasses can work well with them but proportion should also be considered. A half-frame or rimless glasses are good for petite faces and full-frame glasses are recommended for long faces.

You can also look for frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face. Square frames and wide pilot frames can be good since it adds a contrasting effect on your face by making it appear shorter and wider. Avoid rectangular and narrow frames that can make your face look longer.

The lovable heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and a sharp or narrow jawline. This face shape is often called base-up triangle face shape and they have widow’s peak most often. They can look good on frames that are wider at the bottom part of their face. Other frames that are recommended are rectangular, retro square, and cat eyes.

The circle or round-face shape has softer angles without any harsh angles. They have wider cheekbones and equal forehead and jaw width. You can use rectangular, square, and narrow glass frames to enhance the length of your face. Cat eyes and retro square glasses can also be a good fashion statement since it adds dimension to your soft angles. Avoid using small, round, and oversized glasses since it will enhance the wideness and curviness of your round face.

The square face is the opposite of the circular face since it has more angular features with an equal forehead, cheekbones, and jaw wideness.

You can use glasses that has an oval or round frames to soften your boxy features. Also, aviator and cat-eye style frames are also recommended since it will add a curved and soft effect complementing your angular face. Avoid using rectangle, square, and thin frames that draw attention to your chin. A rimless glasses though, technically, not a shape can also improve in softening your angular facial features.

The triangle shape which is also called a base-down triangular face has wide jaw, cheek, and chin areas but has a narrow forehead. You can use a frame that has heavy accents with color and details on the top half of the frame. You can also use a cat-eye glass.

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The rarest face shape is the diamond shape which is narrow at the forehead and the jawline but has broad cheekbones which can look very dramatic. You can use rimless glasses and cat-eye or oval shape of frames which has distinctive and detailed brow lines.

You can also choose semi-rimless glass frames or other top-heavy styles including oval and rectangular frames. Avoid using narrow frames since it will enhance the narrow lines on your eyes.

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