How to reduce pubic hair by cutting it

The first time, I wanted to discover and experiment how to shave the pubis for hygiene, practical, aesthetic and sexual issues and, still, I continue to do it for the same 4 reasons, all equally important for me.

A friend of mine, who runs a beauty center for men only, wanted to have me assist with the removal of one of his clients, but I preferred to let him explain how it works. I almost obsessively respect the privacy of others (paradoxically, even the exhibitionists) and demand the same treatment from others.

s he gave me his advice, I asked him specific questions and so I learned everything I would put into practice the next day.
He had told me about 3 chances, in order of importance and safety: beard trimmer, classic razor and waxing, discarding the depilatory cream that contains acidic chemicals, too irritating for the private parts.
I asked him to explain how to use the beard trimmer to shave my pubis: it was the only tool I hadn’t tried yet.

How to reduce pubic hair by cutting it

I don’t want to risk making cuts with a razor (I don’t have a firm enough hand) and I will never try waxing because I have fragile capillaries and I am very hairy (I would feel a dog pain).

My hair is also long enough that sometimes, when I sit at a bar table or in the car, if I accidentally get stuck in my underwear or have a minimum of erection, it can cause me annoyance and pain, embarrassing moments.

The first time, grabbing the Panasonic ER-GB80 beard trimmer (the same used by my friend in his hair removal treatments at the beauty center) I had only one fixed nail in my head: getting rid of all those long hair without trauma, shortening them to the maximum until they are made invisible.

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As my beautician friend explained to me how to shave my pubis, I took notes on the various steps so as not to forget even one along with the advice.

The first step is to shorten the hair before proceeding: I would have gotten there alone, I would have avoided writing this passage but I wrote it because I would have given a first check to the hair with the scissor, instead the Panasonic ER-GB80 beard trimmer has a accessory (the regulator comb for the body) able to control the length and lift the hair to make a precision cut speeding up the whole operation and the process is called manscaping.

Thanks to this regulating comb, the blades slide without obstacles and without the risk of getting stuck because of too long hair.
The pubic area is perhaps the most difficult to depilate: delicate, full of curves and inlets, one must be careful.

Skin preparation is important

So, after taking a hot shower to thoroughly wash the hair and make it more docile, soft and hydrated, I stretched out in the empty tub and started to pass the shaving gel to protect the skin and make the beard trimmer slide better.

It is a very versatile tool for its wide range of adjustments (38 adjustments in all to shorten hair from a minimum of half a millimeter to a maximum of 20 mm) which allows me to depilate any area of ​​the body and face. It is also versatile in that I can use it both on dry skin and in the shower (it is waterproof, wet & dry).

Its ergonomic shape ensures perfect grip and control, non-slip. The stainless steel blades have a 45 ° angle to perform a precision shave.

I preferred to use shaving gel despite the protection provided by the regulator comb. I was very tense during my first pubic hair removal.

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