Popular Trends On Men’s Fashion

Most men do have a taste of fashion too even though it is mostly different worldwide since most countries have different seasons and landscape, these are the common ones that are trending nowadays.

Color choices being widely used nowadays are monotone and pastel colors including beige, black, brown, gold, green, khakis, stones, pastel pink, violet, ultra-violet, and of course, white. Try to wear at least three tonal items for a more fashionable look.

Try wearing an Oxford cloth button-down shirts, sweatshirts and even a classic collar short-sleeve shirts with a pink color since these will bring out a classic savvy look. Remember the adage, “real men wear pink”, and they do.

From colors that are monotonous and pastel, we proceed to the style of patterns.

There are several patterns that are trendy these days including pinstripes, checks, vertical stripes, polka dots, and tropical prints are just some of the vintage styles that are now a common trend.

For that casual wear, you need not worry since most men can adopt a snug look using a sportswear or an athletic outfit including tracksuit, ski jackets, and side-stripe trousers. These are readily available even you are attending a casual meeting.

Another trend that is infiltrating the casual wear of men now is statement jumpers and even shirts that have a political statement on it. Others even have a striking logo or slogan which has a bold pattern while others have a statement that shows personal beliefs.

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Also, technical jackets which were just common for mountaineers and geography teachers are now an acceptable trend. You can also use quilted jackets that come in bigger and brighter style but you can also use a neutral tone such as a black or navy color to achieve a cool and sleek look.

Men have a need for accessories too and there are many choices for this one.

There are cross-body bags, tote bags, bandanas, beaded belt loop chains, scarves, vintage style suspenders, and crochet ties that will add trendiness in your outfit plus it can be a centerpiece of statement whenever you use one of these.

You can tie your bandanas around your neck for a cool and trendy look. Tote bags and cross-body bags can be useful for your phones, wallets, keys, and other items aside from making you look sophisticated.

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At the last level of your body system, there are the loafers which are classic slip-on shoes with no laces. An advantage of wearing loafers is that there are no more hassles in tying the laces especially when you are in a hurry. Using this footwear will make you look smarter while being trendy at the same time.

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If you are still in the habit of tying laces, hiking boots and normcore sneakers can still be a good choice match with side-stripe trousers, mid-wash denim, cropped designs, and pinrolled jeans or jeans that are pinrolled at the bottom (also called French rolling, pegging, and raga rolling) is also an alternative trendy look.

Pinrolling jeans was actually a common trend during the 1950s especially among working-class men which is why it is also known as a Dad denim style. If you want to try this look, just check out the style of John Travolta in the 1970s and even Tom Cruise in the 1980s era so that you can have a feel of it already.

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