Should you use a cufflink or not?

Cufflinks are accessories that can be used by any man to add elegance and can bring out a vintage style for the wearer.

Their main purpose is to fasten shirt cuffs so that it will look elegant when closed.

You can easily identify a cufflink versus a button since if it is sewn into shirt cuffs, it can become a button already, hence if it is removable it is already a cufflink.

Their purpose is mainly for luxurious purposes but they have the same qualities with most buttons since they both came in different materials, styles, sizes, and shapes. Needless to say, cufflinks are a good alternative or replacement for buttons.

There is also another item that is almost similar to cufflinks and they are studs. Aside from having decorative purposes, both these accessories can be worn on formal occasions but a stud fits a tuxedo shirt that has buttonholes and cufflinks are primarily used for fastening cuffs of a shirt. Also, cufflinks can be made to look like studs like the Valentino Stud Cufflinks.

There are many types of cufflinks including ball return, bullet back, chain link, knot, fabric, locking dual-action, stud or button style, and whale back cufflinks. These are just some of the common style of cufflinks which can enhance the way you dress.

When you wear cufflinks, it will have a great impact on your personality. It is really elegant to look at especially if you have chosen the right cufflink that will match your personality. A typical outfit can be enhanced when you match it with elegant cufflinks especially those with gemstones.

You can choose any cufflinks that you want to symbolize who you are. Wearing cufflinks can also be an icebreaker especially when you are with your special someone or even your friends. They may notice your cufflinks and a conversation can begin.

You can wear cufflinks on special occasions such as a black-tie event wherein you can use a classic silver or a timeless gold style of cufflinks and other cufflinks with materials such as carbon fiber, enamel, gunmetal, sterling silver, rose gold, and titanium.

Another special occasion is a white-tie event which is more formal and highly special like weddings and gala events. The best option for cufflinks for these events is those that appear to have luxurious materials such as crystal, onyx, and precious stones including citrine, emeralds, mother-of-pearl, opal, rubies, and diamonds.

If you want to use cufflinks for business purposes and even for your casual wear, you can use cufflinks with materials such as a glass or colored glass, silk, and stainless steel. All of these will add a subtle hint of class and add some personality and style to your outfit.

Cufflinks are almost similar bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, sunglasses, and watches. They are a way of adornment for men to have an elegant and tasteful statement on the way they dress.

Cufflinks are just the easiest option that can become a jewelry which is an investment for a classic and elegant look. It is a small symbol of how a man takes care of himself.

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