What are the male jewels for excellence? Of course, the cufflinks!

Today we offer you a riddle: what are the male jewels par excellence? Of course, the twins!

Let’s talk about that pair of accessories that give a chic touch to the sleeves of the shirt. If you have always thought that these precious details were suitable only for a great occasion, it’s time to change your mind.

The market now offers cufflinks for men of all types, materials and sizes: you just have to understand which one is right for you and learn and wear them in the right way.

Are you ready to enhance yourself from head to toe, passing through the wrists? Then read on!


Cufflinks for men: a precious detail on the wrist!

Let’s start by debunking a myth: twins are not used exclusively on the wedding day. Indeed, they are a precious detail to be exploited on the most varied occasions, from a romantic evening with the better half, to an outing with friends or, why not, a particularly important business meeting.

In short, as they say “the occasion makes the man … stylish”! And the twins are real allies of style to choose with accuracy and enhance in the right way.

The proposals of our online jewelry are many, but our customers particularly appreciate these 3 models:

The shirt cufflinks are an immortal symbol of masculine elegance: they are usually worn on some special occasions and important ceremonies, such as weddings. They are in fact a real must have for the groom’s suit.

There are two types of cuffs for cufflinks: the single cuff, which is the same as that of shirts with the button but instead of only one buttonhole there are two (and obviously the button is missing) and the double or French cuff.

In this case, the cuff is a little longer and stiffer, and must be folded back on itself before inserting the cufflink. The latter type is the most elegant, a must in the tight, while for a less formal occasion you can also wear a shirt with a single cuff without problems.


How to choose them

As for the best choice, the only rule to follow is your personal taste. In fact, there are many different types of cufflinks: there are both cheap and very expensive ones, made for example in gold and precious stones, real jewels. Some are made by the famous fashion brands, from Gucci to Armani, while others by small artisans.

Then there are the classic cufflinks, in the shape of a button or with initials, up to others, much more original, which take inspiration from pop culture (which for example depict robots, guitars, superheroes, spades, dice or funny writings) and which can be chosen to amaze with a creative and original touch.

Shirt cufflinks, how to wear them

To wear the cufflinks once the shirt is worn, after approaching the two buttonholes and after inserting a cufflink on each cuff, attention must be paid to the closure: in the case of chain cufflinks, which have decorations on both sides, there is a small chain that keeps the cuff closed.

Then there are the torpedo cufflinks, with a clip closure that must be turned, the bar cufflinks, which are perhaps the easiest to close because they only have to be inserted into the slots, and the whale tail cufflinks, which have a part a shape – precisely – whale tail that must be inserted by turning it upside down and turning it back to its original position.

Finally, it must always be remembered that the decorated part of the cufflink must always remain facing outwards.

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