White Milano, sustainability increasingly protagonist in fashion

Sustainable fashion is increasingly present during the Milan Fashion Week, also thanks to White Milano which has started to give great space to innovations in the green field.
Despite the latest events related to the spread of the coronavirus in Italy, White Milano closes with great success affirming its green soul more and more.

After the WSM fashion reboot, it continues its commitment to raising awareness of the fashion world towards environmental issues and this edition, staged from 20 to 23 February during the Milan fashion week, has particularly highlighted sustainability with various initiatives.

White Milano’s sustainable hub
One of the most important initiatives, which since the February 2019 edition continues in its aim of promoting sustainable realities, is the section called Give a fokus. Directed by Matteo Ward in partnership with Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto and Fashion Revolution, the exhibition area hosted the ten finalist start-ups of the WSM Smart Contest accompanied by a sensorial installation dedicated to the theme of washing, finishing and dyes they represent the most polluting phases of the entire production process of a garment.

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Titled “The hidden morphology of fashion” (in Italian “The hidden morphology of fashion”), the installation was designed with the support of Albini group and Boyish jeans “to bring back to the forefront the elements that manage to give shape and the hand to our leaders, inviting buyers to go beyond the dress “.

Matteo Ward has in fact declared that the intent was to “get inside the fiber to find out that everything we buy is made up of water, nature, chemistry and electricity. The first installation brings these elements to the fore, from digital we then move on to the physical with the fabrics of suppliers who already work to tell us about the water, energy and substances used ”.

The special guest who recovers old fabrics
Many characters, projects and special guests were brought to White Milano. The Moroccan designer Artsi Ifrach of Maison ARTC was one of these with his creations with a strong identity and cultural value, made with vintage fabrics recovered around the markets of the world.

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He himself told us how important the issue of sustainability is for his business: “it is not a concept or a trend, it is a real issue towards which we all have to become more responsible. This is why I seriously think about it and I do it also because it is interesting to discover new techniques. It’s something I’ve always done, even before it became a problem. “

The result was over 73 companies present at the show and indicated to visitors with a recognition badge: Blue of a Kind, Boyish Jeans, Closed, Insane in the Rain, Tuinch, Ibrigu, WRÅD, Made for a Woman and Regenesi, but also The Sustainables showroom housed in the Superstudio Più basement with a selection of sustainable brands such as Ochis Eyewear, the company that processes coffee waste to transform it into glasses. These were just some of the brands selected for their attention to socio-environmental issues.

To prove particularly noteworthy was LaMilanesa Made in Milan, a brand born almost as a game from a bag made with a woolen blanket and which has become an environmentally and socially worthy reality that supports some rest homes with sick women of Alzheimer by purchasing the essential blankets for his one hundred percent sustainable creations from them.

Cinzia Macchi, designer and founder, confessed to us that her dream “is to build a factory for women who have suffered violence, in fact thanks to the association Fare x Bene we have two women who come from protected houses to whom we are teaching a I work to give them a second chance. “

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